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Testimonials: Testimonials

Our little one goes to Mandarin Schoolhouse. We couldn't be happier with Sue-Lynn's care. She is trustworthy, experienced, and most of all extremely loving and fair. Sue-Lynn is a wealth of knowledge and experience. We love that our baby is absorbing so much Mandarin at such a young age. And we are grateful that we’ve found someone we can trust and is so loving towards our child. We are grateful!

Mrs. Walker

Words cannot simply express what an amazing person Sue-Lynn Yap is. She is smart, nurturing, kind - an excellent educator anyone could wish for. I wholeheartedly entrust my three children with her. Seeing her with them continues to warm my heart. Even when my own three-year old throws a tantrum, she knows how to comfort and calm down any meltdown with direct communication and a soft, reassuring voice. Sue-Lynn is a devoted mother to her toddler son. In a year and a half, he has already learned so much from her, from communicating with sign language to eating healthy meals with independence to growing up bilingual. My favorite memories include listening to her sing lullabies in Chinese. I was also impressed with her stories of how she taught little ones when she was a Mandarin teacher at a NYC preschool. Her lesson plans were intentional and organized, encouraging children to be creative and thoughtful.  She's good with creating structure and routine in a safe environment. Sue-Lynn is at her best when she's devoting herself to young children and raising them to be wonderful well-rounded individuals.

Mrs. Adam

Sue-Lynn's naturally calm demeanor and positive attitude attracts children of all ages, instilling a trust and respect right away. Sue-Lynn’s expertise in the Montessori method of education creates an environment that encourages creativity and exploratory learning, as well as expands the way children can communicate with others. I am always impressed by watching her way of teaching right from wrong and creating boundaries, as children learn from their mistakes and learn how to avoid making them again in the future. She has excelled as a very well-rounded educator, mastering the art of developing not only the intellectual minds of children but building their self confidence in group environments. I would recommend her to anybody who wants the best care for their children.

Mrs. Stazzone

We have been sending our son here for a year. He is now 2 years old. He loves it! Sue-Lynn is amazing. He speaks Chinese... I'm Chinese, and I don't even speak Chinese. Whenever I try to speak Chinese to him, he looks at me weird because he can already tell my pronunciation is terrible. I'm proud that he has surpassed me. Thank you, Sue-Lynn!

Mr. Huang

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