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Our Values & Learning Environment

Education philosophies evolve over time and we like to keep our minds open for best practices. With that said, we draw a lot of inspiration from Montessori education and its focus on the child’s holistic needs. Our director and curriculum designer, Sue-Lynn, is certified by Montessori Centre International (MCI), London - one of the largest teacher training organizations in the world.

The Mandarin Schoolhouse Approach:

  • Mixed-age classroom (where children learn from and teach each other).

  • Hands-on learning and collaborative play.

  • Focus on practical life activities: care of self, care for the environment, control of movement (fine-motor and gross-motor skills), grace, and courtesy.

  • Activities that support Montessori’s philosophy in sensorial, math, literacy, geography, etc.

Montessori-Inspired: Our Mission
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