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Language Immersion

Mandarin Chinese & English

Research has shown that there are many benefits to learning a second language. The experience has a huge impact on the developing brain. Children who speak more than one language learn very early on how to express their ideas in more than one way. It makes them better, more flexible learners and communicators. Montessori practitioners believe that children have a sensitive period for language, from birth to 6 years old. During this time, it is important to immerse your child in an environment rich in language stimulation for learning to happen almost effortlessly.

At Mandarin Schoolhouse, children are on the exciting path to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English. To support very young children’s language development, we will create many fun opportunities through songs, rhymes, and books. We believe that book-lovers eventually make great students! Children will be exposed to a myriad of print in the environment. It's intentionally planted to ignite their interest in English letters and Chinese characters. Children who are ready will learn to read and write in both languages, setting a firm foundation for future academic success.

Language Immersion: Our Mission
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